Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple and affordable way to market your business. It's especially effectively when based on market research results, and a proper digital strategy is in place.

Email marketing works best when the message is targeted, and the contact list that you email to should be sorted, and consist of the most ideal customer group for what you're offering. We also believe in tracking important aspects of the email, to gain valuable information, so as to adjust and create more successful campaigns in the future. You should always include some type of call to action, offer, or ask an intriguing question to engage your readers, for example: "visit our site and enter to win a TV", "schedule a consult", "save 40% on orders before the end of the month" or "what one thing we could do to make your life easier?", etc.

Email Marketing Services & Strategy

  • List Segmenting
  • List Integration
  • Email Blasts
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Email Campaigns
  • Mailing Lists Extraction

Ready to hit Send?

You're probably super excited to start sending awesome emails to customers that are just waiting to buy your products or services, right? Well, you're almost there, but the next step is to schedule a consult with one of our friendly, helpful team members to figure out a strategy and goals for your email campaign.