Content Strategy for Websites

In order to have an effective SEO strategy, you must also have some form of a content strategy.

How many websites have you visited that have pages and pages of isolated information with seemingly no direction or flow? A website visitor should have a good user experience and be able to flow through the website easily without getting lost or frustrated. In other words, they should find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible.

Our experienced team has created a unique process that allows us to extract all of your extensive business knowledge. We then use that raw data to write and develop quality website content, using relevant verbiage that impacts SEO, and that attracts ideal prospects to your website and helps convert them to customers. In other words, we convey what you are selling in a way that leads buyers to your site, so they can buy what they are looking for.

We Identify & Develop:

  • Recommended Topics
  • Important Themes and Messages
  • Content Purpose (how your content will connect audience needs to business products & services)
  • Content Gap Analysis (inventory of content, and determining what is missing)
  • Metadata and Related Content Attributes
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)